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Monthly Archives: May, 2007

Sologoat in action

This looks like it will be a week of quick posts – holiday weekends take a lot out of us.

Ernesto sent over this sick pic that was taken of him during 24 Hours of Conyers. The photo was shot by Carl Mesta – you should definitely check out his stuff.

EOS in the lead

Check out Kent’s newly and temporarily named “Green Bike”… as always, the EOS is out in front and we love the basket strap. Sweet style.

Kalen knows lights are good for the dark

Kalen is pretty serious about diving, and maybe more serious about light – and probably less serious about shoes. This is photographic evidence of the first two, but Kalen’s bare feet will be kept private due to certain visitors sensitivity – just take our word for it.

Click continuar to read the full report

Trauma Speaks from Trail Days

Read what Justin Lichter has to say during his stop over at Trail Days:
read here

Good Vibrations – Trail Days

This weekend was a bit of a change of pace from the hectic endurance mountain bike racing scene. In the early hours of the morning, there isn’t anybody riding in circles through the woods, but instead hikers dancing around a fire circle to the repetitive beat of the bongos. Pounding electrolight drinks and gel shots [...]

Great, Great, Great – Event, People, Cause

From Dave: 

That sums it up for this years Manhattan Cup.

Once again Princeton Tec supported a great cause to help raise money to save the waterways for our kids and for fishing. The proceeds from the tournament are directed to fighting dumping in Jamiaca Bay, beach access, and promoting a childrens fishing program  – “Hooked-for-a-lifetime”.
The Cup is [...]

Lots of stuff coming

We will have a bunch of posts from various events on Monday (or even possibly on Tuesday). 

A sneak peak: 
Dave (head sales guy) will be reporting from The Fisherman’s Conservation Association’s Manhattan Cup -  “Catch and Release” fishing tournament in NYC. The tournament is to benefit the marine waters of NY, NJ and CT.  The weather [...]

Heading to Trail Days, and, oh, by the way:

Pisgah – guest post and a coordinators perspective

Here is a guest post from Eric Wever  of Pisgah Productions on the 5th Annual Pisgah MTB Adventure (a really cool race concept – if you don’t have awareness – you really need to check it out)… Thanks Eric.

“Hey there Princeton Tec and LIVINGontheDASH!Just a note here to tell Thanks for your support of the [...]

Creative Corona Mount

We love to see how people use our stuff and we love this usage.  The Corona a really diverse and oft misunderstood lamp – long burntimes, super bright (not for distance, but a great flood light), small and durable…

Thanks to and courtesy of Dave :

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


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