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Monthly Archives: August, 2007

24 hours of Allamuch post live from Eurobike

24 Hours of Allamuchy – Two sides to the story

Well I could tell you the weekend started heading in the wrong direction when we had to walk almost a third of the course during the pre-ride because of 2 flat tires and a broken pump. That it was the most I ever perspired in a [...]

2 Hour drive to Eurobike… 6 people; 3 seats

Landed… next stop Eurobike

Old Skool Fixie in Princeton

Kalen playing with lobsters and an APEX

After only a slight 2 year hiatus, I finally returned to the coast of New Jersey to embark on a day of local diving.  The day started sometime around 5:00 AM, as the cell phone began making those all too familiar noises indicating it was time to end what was probably the most sound sleep…ever?  [...]

Last piece of essential race prep…

24 Hours of Allamuchy this weekend

Allamuchy is here. One of our favorite races. One of our local races. We look forward to seeing and talking to every single person at the race. Stop by and say hi.

Last year at Allamuchy, we did not have Switchbacks. This year we do. Stop by and check ‘em out – it will be worth it.

If you [...]

Where are those dang cards?

For the better part of the morning, I was holding onto some business cards…
For the better part of the afternoon, I was mystified (mixed with low levels of hostility) by their disappearance…

Behind the green door at OR… Don’t ask.

Everyday is a special occasion at PT

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


Life at PT sure is interesting, but it’s what happens when we saddle up and head out of Bordentown that fuels our passion and provides inspiration. Our travels present the opportunity to explore new places, see old friends, meet strangers that grow into old friends, and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. www.livingonthedash.com is our outlet to share these experiences.


Sit back, enjoy and spread the love.