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Monthly Archives: October, 2007

Seen on the street in Princeton…

She’s inside my head… except it will make it better, it really will

Find here: here

Lookie what I got here – Princeton Tec Apex Extreme

I is now We

Ditta takes the big step… we are proud.

 A quick sum: church, coolest truck ever, winery, pumpkin beer, wine from winery, cheese and meatballs, various wedding ceremony things, pumpkin beer, more wine from winery, discussion about bikes, mysterious special order vegeterian meals, dreams about more meatballs, Ditta working the room – smoooooth operator, pumpkin beer, more wine [...]

Who da… What da… Where da… WTF

The Blur that was the 24 Hours of Moab

5 days – 6 hours on a plane, 10 hours in a car, 60 miles on a bike, 0 showers, and very little sleep

  We rolled into town Thursday and setup shop in front of Poison Spider for the first two days. Sold a bunch of lights and had the opportunity to hang out with [...]

24 hours of Moab post coming soon

Justin’s on his way back to the office and the other guys are spoking off in all directions. I am sure that we will have something to say about the weekend tomorrow as Justin relayed via text message: “…been a crazy trip”.

For now, you can wait in desperate anticipation over breakfast tomorrow morning, and while you are doing [...]

David Byrne supports bikes and rides in cities…

…and provides video to prove it – with commentary even.

See the world through the eyes of an NYC commuting, alternative transportation, celebrity, punk scene legend’s (even if it doesn’t somehow feel right) hemlet cam:

Switchback Battery Mounting Options

Trauma hits the interweb

One of our favourite people in the whole world is now live and coming at you on his very own webstie – Justin Lichter.


 Justin is an epic dude, and you will be able to follow all of his epic adventures on the new site… prior to the site launch, and, well, still after, all of the guys [...]

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


Life at PT sure is interesting, but it’s what happens when we saddle up and head out of Bordentown that fuels our passion and provides inspiration. Our travels present the opportunity to explore new places, see old friends, meet strangers that grow into old friends, and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. www.livingonthedash.com is our outlet to share these experiences.


Sit back, enjoy and spread the love.