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Monthly Archives: June, 2008

Does an outdoorsy dude need a truck?

Eric says nah, this works for me just fine:

2 Sea Kayaks
1 Surf Kayak
2 Mounain Bikes

All other camping gear inside. Now he just has to hope he doesn’t get lifted off the ground for take off.

Cereal Superhero with Helmet Light – Yea

Admittedly, I don’t remember this cereal, but I do like anything that attempts to make wearing a helmet and a light cool for kids. 

Dave vs. Laird

As the advent of stand-up paddleboarding has caught the interest of all types of watermen – from New Jersey salesmen to Big Island tube riders – the sport is still, well, different from surfing. Yeah, you’re catching tons of waves, but you also might be catching stink eyes from other bros in the line-up for [...]

Waiting to paddle is not great

but at least Eric isn’t alone waiting for the dam to open… the Swerve is always with him.

Tricycle Terror

I don’t know why, but this somehow makes sense to me.

24 Hours of Summer solstice, eh

Freshly back from Ontario. Long ride up, long ride down  – good stuff in between. A whole lot of racers (more than 2,000), along with a solid social scene, and nice vibe.
The guys from Chico Racing really know how to put together a great event. The race is well organized, and everything feels really easy. [...]

24 Hours of Summer Solstice

Tomorrow we hit the road for the Canadian border and the wonderfull world of Bolton Ontario for 24 Hours of Summer Solstice. This is our second year at the race, and we are stoked to catch up with all of the great folks we meet last year.
As always, if you’re there,  stop by and say [...]

Don’t leave your buns out in the rain…

Saturday the 14th marked the first of many Sherwood, Genesis, Akona, Henderson, Sealife, and Princeton Tec Demo Days.  All the manufacturers were on hand to demo all sorts of gear from BC’s to Wetsuits, and most importantly, a whole lot of lights.  We set up on Friday and managed to get a few test dives [...]

Notables from the start of the Tour Divide

You can follow the riders via Spot Satellite Messengers – that’s cool.

Follow here: here - oh, and if you don’t know about it – its a self supported race fron Banff to Antelope Wells, NM, ummm, 2,711 miles on dirt!


Jersey has beaches, so someone has somewhere else to be today

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


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