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Monthly Archives: October, 2008

St. Croix and Omar

I have been able to stay in contact with friends and former co-workers throughout Hurricane Omar’s recent trip over St. Croix a few weeks back.  Most of the major dive operators were able to haul their boats and were unaffected, but the island was without power for several days and all operations were shut down for some [...]

Lights on, Lights Out – whatever – Phillies Win!

Nuff said – amazing:

and people were better prepared this time:

How many P-Tec references do you see?

SoloGoat takes 4th at National MTB Oktoberfest … sweet.

Here is a post race pic. P-Tec is well represented (Thanks Ernesto!) Count the number of PT call outs in the pic and throw a number in the comments, get it right and there could be a sweet t-shirt in it for you. We can’t promise that the shirt [...]

and speaking of crazy weather: Phillies, World Series, and why all the sweatshirts

I was at the game last night.  The weather was crazy if you haven’t heard. It was cold, there was side ways pelting rain, and heavy wind.  Most of the people that I saw were wearing sweatshirts, jeans or giant red sponge like jackets.  Not sure about you, but when I am planning to go [...]

You know its going to be a good day when…

Pre 6am commute by bike prep:  checked the weather report and peek out the window revealed pouring rain, temps hovering in the mid to low 30s, with winds of equal magnitude ( gusts over 40mph), and pouring raining. Precipitation actually changed over to a slushy wintery mix for a portion of the commute, a rarity [...]

a bike light look book?

Who knew, and why not. Lights are interesting. They are important. They are a part of the everyday riders life, and play a roll in the way that they roll. We are not saying lights are cool, but we are saying that lights should be cool – at least in the sense that they help to keep you [...]

Warning: Hide Your Small Children!

WOW – Check out those bright lights! Oh yeah, and that mammoth, slimy, ginormous, baby-eater of a snake. The beast was caught by one of our friends in a land far, far away – not New Jersey! 



24 Hours Of Cold And Wind In Moab

- Hey Saps, Need A Light – Twenty-four hour race? How do you ride at night? Is the course lit up? These are a few of the questions any 24-hour racer hears – even when talking to somewhat seasoned mountain bikers. I’ve found that people are a mix of perplexed and petrified [...]

DEMA 08… release the beast

The annual dive trade show rolls into Vegas this week. This means that we roll into Vegas this week – for some of us – again! It’s a good gathering of fun folks who like to have fun. We like to have fun, so this week we will “release the beast”.

The phrase of the week [...]

Climbing in a Pumpkin

Sounds like fall. Looks like fall. Feels kinda like fall. Around here we LOVE fall.
Here is a wicked illustration relating to fall, pumpkins and climbing by Joe Iurato:

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


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