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Monthly Archives: December, 2008

We Out…

We will be closed from this afternoon (Dec. 23) and returning to office ready to rock and roll on January 5th. When we get back, I am sure there will be some stories to tell… so for now, sleep well and dream of lights.

 See ya’ on the flip side.

Let’s Spelunk!

Recently, young aspiring adventurer Trevor Frost returned from a research caving expedition with a group of savvy pros. The team of archeologists, scientists and students were sponsored by the National Geographic Society and explored caves in the African country of Gabon. To help the team find their way in the depths of these dark crevices under the [...]

Miner lights for night mountain biking

Ben Stiller on Leno recalling riding at night on mountain bikes – who knew that happened? An oldie but a goodie:

Lots of riding, Lots of beer, Lots of Fun… Punk Bike Weekend

These are things you can come to expect when taking a long weekend road trip out to Pittsburg to visit our friends at Dirt Rag.

This weekend was no ordinary visit of course, but rather the 19th annual Punk Bike Enduro, so even more craziness was to be expected.
 The trans-keystone-state journey began after work [...]

We might have thought of it if…

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Fun on bikes

There is no shortage of bicycle action lately here in the Mid Atlantic region, but these next two weekends are offering even more excitement. This weekend we are heading west for Dirt Rag’s Punk Bike Enduro
Next weekend, If you find yourself in the vicinity of State College be sure to check out this, put on by [...]

Mountain Flyer Likes The Apex

When is it not beneficial to have an extra light when it’s dark? Especially when you’re logging long miles on you mountain bike during multi-day trips, stage races or 24-hour battles. The folks at Mountain Flyer magazine know this. In a recent issue of the Boulder, Colorado-based bike rag, pro skier and talented mountain biker [...]

Ah, when bike lights were the height of cool

Damn, this makes me feel funny:

Thanks Geraci… you always make me feel funny.

Hang up the bikes & break out the Spikes

For this weekend.

The snow and ice are here and begging to be enjoyed… at least three hours north of here in the Catskills anyway. This weekend was the scene of some great winter hiking and early season ice climbing. Let’s pray for more of the white stuff to play in this winter.

Grizzly Adam – Team Fatty Livestrong Challenge

Our good buddy Adam wrote in and asked if we could help spread the word, and we are glad to do so, so here:
I have joined with Elden Nelson, the Fat Cyclist in his Team Fatty Livestrong Challenge. I am going to try and raise $1000 for the LAF.

I was hoping you could spread the [...]

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


Life at PT sure is interesting, but it’s what happens when we saddle up and head out of Bordentown that fuels our passion and provides inspiration. Our travels present the opportunity to explore new places, see old friends, meet strangers that grow into old friends, and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. www.livingonthedash.com is our outlet to share these experiences.


Sit back, enjoy and spread the love.