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Monthly Archives: February, 2011

What do you do with your #headlampon?

We know better than anyone how useful a headlamp can be. We use them when we’re hiking, biking, paddling, skiing, fixing the kitchen sink, reading in bed, and a whole host of activities that would be too long to list. Throughout our years of wearing lights on our heads, we’ve had some pretty wild experiences. [...]

A ride along video journal with Eric Larsen at the Arrowhead 135 Ultra

Our World Underwater

It’s just barely getting into the 50s in NJ this week, which means warmer weather on the way, which of course means more Scuba Diving on the way. But, before we go crazy with the Jersey dive scene this summer, Princeton Tec’s very own dive guru, Kalen, will be making a splash (horrendous pun intended) [...]

Team Yankees Scribes complete Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge with help from Swerve and Remix

We’ve sponsored a lot of Adventure Racers in the past, but very few of the ARs that they’ve competed in match the sheer awesomeness of the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge… mainly because it takes place in Abu Dhabi. We hooked up Team Yankees Scribes (Brian Metzler, Adam Chase, Jon Dorn and Sheila Taormina) with the [...]

The Geek Diaries: The Best Dive I ever Dove

I’ve admitted it several times before. I am a dive snob. Don’t blame me, blame my parents. Or blame the fact that the only diving you can do in Pennsylvania is in abandoned quarries that never get warmer than 65º, whatever.
Yesterday morning there was a solid half inch of ice covering my entire car. Frozen [...]

Into the Great Wide Open – an interview with myself

The following is an interview with the PTec Geek, Chris Adams.
The interview was conducted by Chris Adams, the PTec Geek.

Chris Adams: Hey man, it’s nice to get back in touch with you. It’s been some time.
PTec Geek: I know dude, seriously. Nice shirt.
Chris Adams: Thanks, it’s a deep V-Neck.
PTec Geek: Yeah. I know.
Chris Adams: Right, [...]

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


Life at PT sure is interesting, but it’s what happens when we saddle up and head out of Bordentown that fuels our passion and provides inspiration. Our travels present the opportunity to explore new places, see old friends, meet strangers that grow into old friends, and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. www.livingonthedash.com is our outlet to share these experiences.


Sit back, enjoy and spread the love.