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Monthly Archives: December, 2013


PTEC factory. New Jersey, USA.


PTEC Fuel, getting into the holiday spirit.

New Stickers.

Charge up your batteries for Natl. Flashlight Day and Winter Solstice, coming to a December 21 near you. It’s the shortest day of the year, so you’re going to need a light. Kids, flashlight nerds, people who like to read under the covers, people who go outside all year round no matter how dark or ridiculous [...]

Traffic on the Pass

Soldier Systems Gift Guide

If you were Soldier Systems, this would be your wish list.
Check it here and make sure you buy up all the Charge Pro MPLS.

Snow Ride

Philly Goes Hard

Rocky 50k Fat Ass Run

Everybody has seen the 1976 film Rocky, right? Philly locals who watched the second film in the series have called out the impossibility of the boxer’s training run. When mapped out, the route is 31 miles long! Rebecca Schaefer, a Philly=-based ultramarathoner recreated Rocky’s run as an unofficial race in the [...]

Ormoc, Philippines

Our buddy David spent some time in Ormoc, Philippines packing relief goods to be delivered to Tacloban (the center of the typhoon damage). Here are some of his photos:

Thanks so much for the help with those lights!! They were such a invaluable help!!!!! No electricity all week and we did all of our packing [...]

Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Championships

PTEC sponsorted a local cyclocross race with headlamps. With precious little daylight for racing, much of the setup and tear down happen in the dark this time of year.
“The FUEL headlamps were beyond valuable. We started at 5:30 am in the dark and continued to about 9 pm Sunday night ( breaking for dinner) and [...]

Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


Life at PT sure is interesting, but it’s what happens when we saddle up and head out of Bordentown that fuels our passion and provides inspiration. Our travels present the opportunity to explore new places, see old friends, meet strangers that grow into old friends, and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. www.livingonthedash.com is our outlet to share these experiences.


Sit back, enjoy and spread the love.