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PTec QUAD – The Mechanic’s Choice

Earlier this week, I got an email about PTec QUAD from a gentleman named Justin Grow. His full time gig is as an architectural salvage buyer with www.rejuvenation.com. He is also a diehard VW guy and well versed in working on their TDI engines.

It’s always awesome to get messages like this from our faithful customers. Since Justin took the time to write a bit about his story and the abuse his PTec headlamp has survived, I thought it would be nice to share with the world!



My name is Justin and I’m a Volkswagen mechanic. I’ll ask for your forgiveness for my long story, but it is worth it. About two years ago I purchased one of your QUAD headlamps after a competitor’s headlamp ceased to function. The lighting performance of the competitor’s lamp was fine, but the case was molded plastic and it snapped together. After a while its case deformed so the batteries no longer made contact.

For a replacement, I chose the QUAD lamp because of its more rugged case and screw-close back. It’s been a great lamp that I use at work literally constantly. During a trip to California to a car club event a few months ago, I forgot my headlamp. I sent a buddy out to buy me a new one. I specifically told him to go to REI and purchase another QUAD….. Well, he came back with an el-cheapo no-name unit. I laughed, without even removing it from the packaging, and told it was junk. He’d have to go to REI like I’d asked, and purchase the QUAD unit. He begrudgingly obliged me, so now I’m the proud owner of two of your headlamps.

Recently I misplaced one headlamp. Despite hunting for it for about two weeks, it wouldn’t turn up. This morning I loaded some shop towels and coveralls into my washing machine and ran it through two full heavy wash HOT cycles. This evening, while I was unloading the washing machine, out popped my missing headlamp. It had gone through two complete wash cycles. I uttered a few choice words, and clicked the button and it turned on just fine! I then opened the back and the insides were utterly dry! If anything, it looks better now because the band is clean again!

You folks make a great product. I can’t say how much that means to me in these days where disposable garbage permeates the marketplace. If and when one or both headlamps meet their maker, rest assured I’ll replace them in-kind with another Princeton-Tec unit.

All the best,
Portland, OR.

Justin re-sealing a diesel fuel injection pump. “Please ignore the dirty fingernails and the grimace on my face, I can’t help it when I concentrate.”

Aerial shot from a www.TDIClub.com get together.

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