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Get Your Death Waiver Ready

We’ve been hinting a little bit on the PTec Facebook page that we’re giving away Spectrum FUEL headlamps with a particular theme. A few people recognized the Tough Mudder colors, and a few even made the connection to World’s Toughest Mudder taking place December 17-18 in Englishtown, NJ.

For those who aren’t familiar, this race is insane – take the intensity and obstacles found in regular Tough Mudder events and give participants the chance to run through it continuously for 24 hours. Running through burning hay bales, crawling under barbed wire, through freezing water and over other crazy obstacles from 10 on Saturday morning, until 10 Sunday morning. Well, technically a little longer – “at the 24 hour mark, all competitors must complete the lap they are on.” So basically, 28 hours of hell. Sounds like a memorable weekend!

Why do people participate? Anybody who has already gone through it will tell you it is for the challenge and camaraderie. This weekend the stakes are higher: the winner will be crowned World’s Toughest Mudder and receive a cash prize of $10,000.

The first item on the Required Gear List is a headlamp. Participants are using a variety of PTec lights, including APEX, to FUEL and EOS. For the countless volunteers that work behind the scenes to make this event possible, we are providing TM-themed orange FUELS we built up through our Spectrum custom headlamp program.

That’s a good look, right? Here’s the best part: you can get one too. We’ll be giving away headlamps to the best photobombs incorporating a PTec headlamp. Extra bonus points for anybody that manages to get one of the TM signature orange lights at WTM in Englishtown, NJ this weekend! Post what ya got on www.facebook.com/PrincetonTec!

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