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Gear for a Year

Technical outdoor apparel and gear—something we all lust after, treasure, and enjoy putting through the rigors on our latest adventures. We all have our favorite garments and can’t-live-without pieces of technical gear, but what if you were forced to whittle down your prized possessions to fit within the confines of just 40 liters of carrying capacity? Not a challenge you may be faced with on a regular basis, but certainly one worthy of merit. So what would make your cut for fueling your adventures for a full calendar year or more? It just has to fit into the confines of 40 liters, or in my case a few small panniers and bikepacking frame bags.

I’ve been traveling abroad by bike since last July carrying everything I need to survive in a variety of climates, with the added challenge of toting along two mobile offices and everything required for my wife and I to conduct business remotely…very remotely. Here is a bird’s eye view of what that looks like:

While traveling over nine months through more than 16 countries so far, we’ve had the opportunity to see the variety and quality of gear offered around the globe, making us pretty proud of the fine equipment that is found, and even produced here in the states. Here are some highlights of our American-made gear that has been representing well abroad:

image from Bishkek airport of gear spread

Princeton Tec Vizz – 165 lumen spot beam, dimmable area light, and red LEDs take care of everything from stealth wild camping to reaching your daily destination after the sun goes down.

Ibex wool shirts and fingerless wool gloves – Believe it or not you can travel quite a long time with two shirts, so long as they’re wool. Tee for cycling and camping, button down for business and leisure. Fingerless wool gloves make cycling and camp duties far more pleasurable when there is more than a nip in the air.

Delorme inReach SE – This incredibly useful device serves as a tracker for friends and family, an always reachable method of communication for colleagues, and an emergency SOS aid should immediate evacuation be required.

Cascade Designs – When it comes to a good night’s sleep in a lightweight package it’s hard to beat the Therm-a-rest Neo Air Trekker, which is why we are traveling with two of them. For filtering larger quantities of water, the Platypus Gravity Works does the job nicely.

Revelate Designs Frame Bags – For lightweight adventure travel by bike, there is no better system. We’re hauling our prized possessions in a frame bag, two Viscacha seat bags, and two Sweetroll handlebar bags.

Point6 – Seeing a theme here? Merino wool is unbeatable for extended backcountry travel. One pair of short and one pair of high Point6 wool socks provides comfort in a large range of temperatures.

Old Man Mountain rack – A lightweight and rugged American-made solution for adding a rack to nearly any frame design. In our case allowing us to expand our lightweight bikepacking setup to accommodate business requirements on the road.

Greenlite Heavy Industries – These schoeler softshell shorts are great on the bike and off, and best of all handmade in Seattle.

Now it’s your chance: post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to tell us what makes your cut for gear for a year within 40 liters with #PTEC40.


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