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Bluetooth Lanterns, Who Needs ‘Em?

“I’ll just get up and turn the damn thing on and off,” you say.

That’s fine. There are controls on all of the lanterns in our Helix line: Backcountry, Basecamp, Rechargeable and Bluetooth. Easy.

However, at our core, Princeton Tec is an engineering company. A company that applies technology to solve problems to make life safer and easier. We’ve been thinking that way since 1975.

The reality is that Bluetooth is pretty common these days – industry estimates say there will be around five billion Bluetooth devices by 2018. We’re adding to that number.

Sure, you don’t need the Bluetooth version of the Helix Basecamp lantern. But trust us, it is pretty cool. See, the Helix lanterns don’t have to sit on the table (rock, ground, or whatever you’re using as a table). We designed them to hang up in your tent, in a shelter on the trail, from the rafters of your cabin and so on. In those cases, it’s pretty handy to have the option to control your lantern remotely. Likewise, when you get all settled into your sleeping bag, and then realize that somebody left the lantern on, you can turn it off without climbing over people and going through the whole process of getting cozy again.

There are a ton of other times when you’ll appreciate this nifty technology – use your imagination. Or don’t. But whatever you do, make sure you score one of the Helix lantern for your next trip, or BBQ. Trust us, you’ll like it.

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