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Story Swap: Tales from the Sharp End

Our friends from the Philly Chapter of the American Alpine Club invited us down to Art Dept. for their first ever Story Swap. The Narragansett was cold, the pizza was delicious, and the stories were a riot. Friction Labs let everyone know that they use scienc to make their chalk – just like we do when developing our lights! Perhaps we should take a cue from them and experiment with adding some unicorn dust to our secret formula. There was plenty of love for PTEC in the room, and we did our best to reciprocate with lights for presenters and winners of feats of strength. We’re looking forward to the next time!

Alex and Mike set up

Art Dept.


Beer and Pizza

Presenters discussing ... climbing?

Making connections. That's that this is about.

Narragansett told us to drink their beer.

Swag from American Alpine Club and Princeton Tec.

Style tips

The plan

The space, which was packed during Story Swap.

The goal was to make sure that everybody left with something.

Movies and photos ready to go on the projector. Sweet hoodie.

Rollie contest! Winner takes home a PTEC light!

Emily, who so graciously welcomed everybody into Art Dept. for the event.

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Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


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