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Warm Glow

You know those things that seem small, those details that you may not even notice when you first unbox a new product. Product designers everywhere try to think of those things, our product team included.

We thought particularly deeply about the elements that could make our lanterns better than anything else available on the market. Most are easy to see in the package: easy to use dial, folding legs and expanding globe that help light up a large area to name the major items.

Right now we want to focus on something that you won’t notice until you install the batteries: the warmth of the light that all the PTEC lanterns emit.

One aspect of lighting that has been changing drastically is the choice of more pleasant color temperature and improved color rendering of modern LEDs over their predecessors.

The first “white” LEDs were pretty blue in color. We dealt with it because it was cool new tech and it made our batteries last ten times as long. This was good for keeping packs light on long trips, and saving cash on batteries.

Now, several generations down the line, we get to be more picky about features – spot and flood beams, dimmable modes, red, green, blue color LEDs, there are more options then most know what to do with.

So we were picky with the LEDS we chose for the Helix series. We tested a bunch. One thing we agreed upon: the cool blue LED would be the wrong way to go. They work great in a high performance headlamp, but they’re too harsh in a lantern that sits among a family or a group of friends. As such, we are using a warm white LED that’s easy on the eyes and still lights up camp very nicely.

We appreciate the details, and we hope that you do too.

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