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I was flipping through the July issue of Climbing Mag, when the Editor’s Note caught my eye. It’s about the short film Defined by the Line with Fitz Cahall. (You probably know Fitz form The Dirtbag Diaries, or any number of other projects he’s done.)

It goes a little something like this: the early stages of climbing (or whatever grabs your imagination, really), we are really passionate; outsiders might view it as an obsession. Later as we delve deeper into issues (access, development, etc.), politics and the powers that be make the situation feel impossible to remedy and maybe we get a bit discouraged. Finally, eventually, some folks find that that they really can make a difference for their community and generations to come.

Josh Ewing discusses with Fitz how he realized “I’m not just a climber.” Today Josh works for an organization that protects 1.9 million acres as well as 100,000 archaeological sites. How’s that for combining work and passion? Watch the video here: Defined by the Line.

We love to hear this sort of story, and hope that you’ll share yours whether it’s just a crazy idea, a work in progress or if you’ve made it a great success. Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what drives you.

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