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November 13, 2014

When Light Means Life

Today, we are fortunate to have a guest post from Laura E. Stachel, M.D., M.P.H. the co-founder and executive director of WE CARE Solar.

In the most remote health centers in Nepal, Princeton Tec EOS headlamps are part of a special mission – saving lives in childbirth.

Princeton Tec works with We Care Solar, a non-profit based in California, to improve the safety of childbirth in developing countries. More than 280,000 mothers and millions of newborns die every year from complications of childbirth, mostly in Africa and Asia, in regions without reliable electricity. Many health workers struggle in near-darkness to perform life-saving care, using the dim glow of candles and kerosene lanterns. The results can be tragic.

We Care Solar delivers compact solar electric kits called “Solar Suitcases” to maternal health clinics. In addition to LED overhead lights, a fetal monitor, and mobile phone chargers, each Solar Suitcase comes with two Princeton Tec EOS headlamps. These are used by midwives and doctors for a range of medical procedures, such as placing intravenous lines, conducting c/sections, suturing lacerations, and resuscitating newborns unable to breathe well at birth.

In partnership with We Care Solar, Princeton Tec headlamps have now been used in hundreds of health facilities in countries such as Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and now, Nepal.

In this photo, two Nepalese midwives are overjoyed to receive their Princeton Tec headlamps, immediately realizing how much easier it will be to provide nighttime care. We Care Solar includes rechargeable AAA batteries for the headlamps and a small battery charger in every Solar Suitcase, so that midwives have a mobile source of light for years to come. With the headlamps and the Solar Suitcase, these midwives will never again have to worry about providing care when the sun goes down. And that means there will be a lot of very happy and healthy new mothers and babies.

-Laura E. Stachel

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October 30, 2014

I Like Turtles

We have some friends down in Costa Rica with a pretty sweet gig: Turtle Trax runs four sea turtle conservation beach projects located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica’s southern Nicoyan Peninsula. Volunteers accompany a member of the Turtle Trax team on nightly 3-hour beach patrols. Yup, that means headlamps.

The tool of choice? Quad Tactical!

That white light is a little too bright, you’ll scare the turtles away!

Red mode – that’s better!


And record. And measure another one. What a beautiful night to be out on the beach.

Thanks, PTEC!

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October 21, 2014

Bouldering in the Lights

Bouldering in the Lights was an event within an event. Perhaps you’ve heard of the 24 Hour of Horseshoe Hell? Long and short of it is that if you like to climb, boulder, camp, and chill, this is the spot. The Horseshoe Canyon Ranch has welcomed the event for the past seven years, and 24HHH as it is known, has gained quite the following. This year, the valley was full of tents, and the canyon walls were lit up with headlamps during the 24 hour climbing competition.

That’s right: 24 hour climbing comp. There’s a 12 hour option if that’s more your speed. And PTEC put on Bouldering in the Lights at the Idaho Boulders with Action in Solitude. We used the Sector 5 to spotlight an assortment of boulders, and there were giveaways, raffles, beverages, and music. Oh, and a couch. And refreshments. This was a leave no trace event, however – don’t worry.

Some folks just came out to camp and hang out for four days. But the majority of two-person teams come out to test themselves and find out how many routes they can climb during a 24 hour period. How do you do that? 24HHH provides some pointers here:

Princeton Tec rolled up with a three man team, prepared to grill up burgers and dogs, veggie and not, for hungry swarms of climbers; we also came prepared to shoot some photos and video.

While we may have donated product in the past, the event really was something to behold. Inspired by the welcoming community that has formed around the event, we all came home knowing that the trip to northern-Arkansas was well worth it. Thank you to Andy Chasteen for inviting Princeton Tec, for Kevin Riley for working with us to put on the bouldering event, and to all of the wonderful volunteers for committing their time and energy to putting on such a great event!

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October 20, 2014

NBW Fundraiser

Neighborhood Bike Works recently invited PTEC and other supporters to an advisor’s home, where we got a warm welcome from a few of the NBW Kids and Volunteers. They even had a nice bike valet setup!

Finding our host was easy: Dominick was holding raffle tickets and camera, really working the crowd and entertaining everybody. (not going to lie, name tags help too.) Dominick is a super welcoming, great guy. He said ‘HI! Thank you so much coming and we got the lights! Thanks for sending them they will get put to good use.’ To which he added, please stay eat, drink, eat some more. OK! Sure! :-)

Attendees browsed a great selection of raffle prizes. Once the crowed learned that the money from the raffle would be matched people really starting digging into their wallets. It was great! You could definitely feel the love!

There was a big group photo that he took from above of everyone outside on the back patio. Im sure that and other photos will be posted on their page. Overall it was a really warm caring group of people! Thanks again for the invite!



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September 23, 2014

The Heist – 2014

The Heist is the Nation’s first climbing competition for women, by women. The spirit and purpose of this event is to encourage and inspire women of all ages to push themselves within the climbing community. Check out www.TheHeistClimbing.com for more details. Attendees could win PTEC Sync headlamps and other great prizes from a variety of other sponsors.


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September 22, 2014

Down by the Mighty Ocoee River

Ocoee Fest went off like a bomb with a weekend full of boats, bands, and beer.  35 Homebrewers competed to win the Sweetwater Brewing Company HomeBrew Contest, and the event hosted 7 Bands Headlined by Seven Handle Circus and Parsonsfiled.  The Adventures Unlimited Campground was packed with campfires, slacklines, banjos and good times.  The mornings were filled with kayak and raft trips down the mighty Ocoee River and everyone had a great time thanks to all the support from Princeton Tec!

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September 3, 2014

At the Movies Somewhere

One of the guys from PTEC’s Industrial division came by the other morning, excited that his daughter had seen our products in a movie she went out to see the previous night. Whether or not this sort of flick is your cup of tea, it’s always cool when our products make a surprise appearance. You may not want to watch the trailer for As Above, So Belowfirst thing in the morning like I did.

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August 27, 2014

Direct Selling

As Princeton Tec enters our 40th year in business, there is plenty of reflection going on around here. How we’ve grown as a manufacturer and a brand over the decades. How the business has changed since the 70’s. One such point on the business side of things: the idea of selling direct to the end users of our products, versus continuing to sell to retailers who we trust to make a connection with their customers and know their local market well enough to recommend product.

In a world where research and even a fair bit of shopping takes place online, the number of consumers asking if they can buy directly from our website suggests that  major resources should be put toward creating a storefront on www.princetontec.com. Interestingly (surprisingly?), data from the U.S. Department of Commerce may suggest otherwise. Per a DOC study, 94% of “retail activity” still takes place in stores.

That’s right – even in the day of showrooming, discount codes and free / fast shipping, apparently online only captures 6% of sales. Touching a product to feel the finish and quality, making sure it fits your needs and anatomy, these are aspects of the brick & mortar experience that are missing from the online experience. Absolutely, online retail has its place, and yes we have all gotten some killer deals over the years.

However, the numbers don’t lie and Princeton Tec remains committed (as do many of our compatriots in the outdoor, dive, bike, and tactical markets) to working with dealers to provide the best most personalized experience possible, rather than whipping up an anonymous web portal in the name of making fatter margins on our products.

We would like to hear thoughts on this, from consumers and retailers alike. Hit us up on FB, IG, or TW.
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August 19, 2014

Climber Checklist

PTEC is sponsoring 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell endurance climbing event, and its bouldering comp as well. What the heck do you pack for something like this? It’s a little more than an afternoon at the crag, with both 12 hour and 24 hour events going on over the course of three days.

Start here: Rock shoes, rope, draws, chalk, helmet, a rack, tape. But you knew that.

Headlamp, extra batteries. We think Sync is pretty cool, but the real testament is that people are responding very well to the light.


Print out a copy of the SCORECARD you wish to use
Do NOT bring anything disposable.
Don’t bring your dog. They are not allowed on the ranch.
Check out the whole list here on twofourhell.com.
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July 23, 2014

Used Outside of Design Parameters

Here at PTEC, we make a whole array of products, from the Bot for kids and Byte for ultralight folks, to Apex Extreme for dog mushers, polar explorers and other lunatics who enjoy the cold.

The best move is to buy the right product for your intended use. It’s the obvious advice, whether you’re shopping for a toothbrush or a car. But sometimes you need to use your toothbrush to clean a bike chain or jump your civic off road. Most of the time, things just won’t be the same afterward.

And sometimes you get lucky. Dear reader, some correspondence from the latter category:


I want to relate a story to you regarding your product, the Fuel Headlamp. I was vacationing at Lake Powell when during a rain storm at night I placed the headlamp on a cockpit seat and accidentally knocked it overboard off the stern of the boat. It sunk immediately in about 12 feet of water with the light on. I looked for it and attempted to scoop it up with a net without success, I could not see anything. The next morning when the storm had passed I tried again with a net and came up with only pebbles, yet I could see the bottom of the lake…….nothing. My friend dove down and grabbed the bottom of the lake and came up with a handful of mud, sticks and my headlamp. I was shocked to get it back and even more shocked to see that the light was still on and to this date still works perfectly!

I tell everyone I see about this so that they will buy one which I feel is a must for boating. Thank you for such a great product, keep up the quality control!

With the light on,
Ray Asturias

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Hitting the road. That’s what this is all about.


Life at PT sure is interesting, but it’s what happens when we saddle up and head out of Bordentown that fuels our passion and provides inspiration. Our travels present the opportunity to explore new places, see old friends, meet strangers that grow into old friends, and share our enthusiasm for the outdoors. www.livingonthedash.com is our outlet to share these experiences.


Sit back, enjoy and spread the love.